The Veneto-based company founded in 2014 with headquarters in Vicenza is the licensee of several brands including Ellesse, Conte of Florence and Avirex, as well as owner of Kronos, a footwear brand dedicated to the sports world with a focus on running and soccer. It also collaborates with many other international brands of leisure footwear. At the head of the company Bruno Conterno, founding partner and current chairman of the dynamic and proactive firm, guides a team of professionals coming from historic companies in he world of leisure and sports footwear. he licensed products for men, women and children, ranging from ports and casual to technique and leisure shoes, are distributed both on the Italian and foreign markets through different channels, particularly in specialized sports shops and through a micro-retail strategy, but also in clothing stores, thanks to a network of direct sales agents or distributors. From an economic point of view, the company closed 2018 exceeding 17 million euro with EBITDA of over 1.5 million and there are double-digit growth budgets lying ahead for the two-year period 2019/2020. In this expanding context, last June Nice Footwear inaugurated a new exhibition space in the fashion district of Via Montenapoleone 18 in Milan. This elegant showroom is a strategic location for the company and with an area of over 200 square metres it features a modern and attractive design that fits well in the context of the Milanese fashion world. Nice Footwear has also consolidated its distribution strength with the recent opening of a showroom in Hong Kong. 2019 is also a year dedicated to the latest technologies and design techniques: Nice Footwear decided to innovate its R&D process by developing ad hoc 3D technology for its own creativity requirements, optimizing and streamlining the production process. Created in collaboration with an Italian studio specialized in virtual and augmented reality, it allows to design new footwear with photorealistic quality. The program allows you to give free rein to the creative potential of its designers, who are enthusiastic about the new technological approach and every day increasingly projected towards becoming a 4.0 company. The software enables the use of VR viewers allowing a greater perception of dimensions and details, displaying the shoe also in larger sizes, which are therefore easier to examine. Each item is acquired through the photogrammetry technique, to then be remodeled in a functional way suitable for the software. By saving all the projects online, the premises of Vicenza, Hong Kong and Milan Montenapoleone are constantly connected to each other, allowing to work simultaneously on the same project and creating a unique platform that removes the distances of the real world.

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