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Running with contrasting sole and details


Running with contrasting sole and rubber printing coordinated decoration


Sneaker mid with leather color details and decorated sole


Slip on with rubber printing coordinated details


Sneaker with leather color inserts and laces


Sneaker with inserts and leather laces


Sneaker with metal eyelets, printed sole and contrasting details


Sneaker monochrome with decorative patch


Sneaker in rough canvas with contrasting details and laces


Sneaker with contrasting inserts and dual color sole

Avirex began as a small factory in Long Island, New York, specialised in the production of leather jackets for the United States Army, Navy and Air Force.

There is no official documentation bearing the exact date when the factory started production, but it is thought that it was operative throughout both world wars.

During the 1970s, a lawyer from Arizona created a new marketing strategy for the company: to commercialising leather Air Force jackets, which up to then were produced only for the armed forces, in retail channels. He registered the Avirex brand and in 1975 the company officially entered the commercial sector.

The new Avirex found itself with a challenge: satisfying market demands for vintage look leather as shown in movies and advertising at the time. Avirex became the first company to produce high quality ancient objects and leather jackets. Its success was so big that Avirex also began to produce costumes for films like:

  • “The Right Stuff” in 1984, where they made the jackets and trousers worn by Sam Shepard for his role as the hero of American aviation, Chuck Yeager.
  • “Top Gun” in 1986, for which it created the flight jacket that Tom Cruise war in the film, which tells the story of the US Navy’s legendary pilot’s school.

Also, in 1986, the company opened a European branch in Paris, and 8 years later, in 1994, its second European branch opened in Italy. Today, Avirex clothing is worn by several actors and sports icons like: Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Sean Penn, Shaquille O’Neal, Silvester Stallone, Eminem, The Back Street Boys and Ben Affleck.

From the design phase to the finished product, the Avirex brand’s goal is to provide the consumer with the clothing of the best quality in the world. Today, Avirex clothing is recognised and distributed throughout the world.