We depend on original applications, tools and methods, and we are proud of having an organisational structure that allows us to operate effectively with innovation and time-tested practices. In consideration of the Business Model that we use to position ourselves on the market, we aim to achieve maximum flexibility through our consolidated network of partners, which is made up of:

companies specialised in footwear production

a control centre to monitor the production and development of the collections

We offer our clients a wide range of products. Design, development, strategy, competition and innovation are the values we apply every day to each corporate activity through highly specialised professional figures. Our corporate culture is expanding to become a virtuous commercial community that integrates its company structure with suppliers and clients.

1. Development

Our team of designers is specialised in technical and sports footwear and casual shoes for free time for men, women and children.

2. Production

Our product range is distributed on the Italian and foreign markets, through a specialised mass distribution retail network…

3. Distribution

We select Brands and Projects with strong identities. We always pay attention to the brand’s DNA…