Because of our green footprint.

Green is the Nicest color. Green is a path, not a destination.

Undertaking a Green path means respecting the environment in every phase of development of our models.
From the selection of certified suppliers that use materials of controlled and eco-friendly origin, to the commitment to create sneakers with the lowest environmental impact in the sector, our journey towards an increasingly sustainable business model does not stop there.

Our goal is to contribute to the solution, not to the worsening of the problem, and we do this by continuing to work to find and develop innovative materials with low environmental impact and by adopting environmentally friendly processes and practices; such as adopting sustainable lifestyles and production within each of our departments.
And then at Nice Footwear, “low environmental impact” rhymes with “innovation”: thanks to the latest technologies available to our team, we are able to streamline numerous processes that would otherwise have required a resource-intensive expenditure harmful to the planet.

At every phase of the value chain, our sustainability model is transparency, even in relations with our partners and suppliers, with whom we share the same principles. For our national and international shipments we only use means of transport that allow to reduce emissions and with low noise levels.
We are ever close to an even greener future Even more Nice.

We are nice because we act green. We act green because we love our planet. We love our planet because we want to Protect our home. We want to protect our home Because we want to build everyone’s future. We want to build everyone’s future Because we all represent our future.

Green materials.

Because Green matters.

We commit ourselves to the search of sustainable, recyclable, organic and plant-based materials to guarantee our customers the highest quality, with the lowest environmental impact.

The future is Green.

Because it's the color of Innovation.

We strongly believe that technology is a precious tool to unleash all our creativity and to reduce customer choice times by up to 80%, fully exploiting the potential of renderings and minimizing the use of samples.
In fact, with our native and patented 3D software, we are able to quickly conceive and create distinctive designs and come up with fashion concepts based on the idea of the sneaker as a versatile, unisex product with a distinctly urban soul capable of enhancing the style of every single day and customize the models of the current collection, choosing details such as shape, heel, material, color, sole.

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