Our Mission

The mission of Nice Footwear is to efficiently and effectively satisfy our customer’s needs. This means that we consider our clients as partners, we involve suppliers in a process of continuing improvement and we work to perfect our processes and corporate organisation to create a professional team that has a reputation for being the very best.

Our Values

  • doing work correctly and following through on commitments
  • passion as a drive for excellence
  • competing fairly on the market as a team
  • helping our personnel to fulfil their potential
  • transparency, integrity and honesty

Trust is our Capital

The trust that consumers place in our brands and the products we distribute is our company’s most precious asset. This capital has been built up through the years that Nice Footwear has been in business. Our success is based on the quality of our products, on the correct positioning of value for money spent by our clients and on a good reputation. Our team is firmly committed to finding new occasions and opportunities, and we are strongly motivated to maintain and improve our reputation continuously through honest, responsible and respectful interaction with our consumers, clients and employees. We even ask our partners to adopt our quality standards to be able to work with our company. These principles are an integral part of each contact with our partners, both in Italy and abroad.

Problem solving

In every situation, we implement a problem-solving attitude to transform the continuous demands from clients and market into opportunities. We try to adapt our product portfolio to the preferences and needs of our clients so that we can satisfy their needs and desires.