We do Nice designs.

Because we are Architects.


Our approach.

An emotional design is the basis of the uniqueness of a brand, and our design team, coordinated by the creative direction and product development, is the beating heart of Nice Footwear.

Nice work method.

The study of materials.

In the Shoe Trends Architecture Lab our designers collect information, study, research, compare and create all materials.

The rendering.

The design takes shape thanks to the rendering of the materials, created on the basis of a photogrammetry of a sample, on which we will insert the materials will be traced in a subsequent phase: with this method we are able to optimize times and costs.

The finalization

The customer views the photographic rendering with the support of the colour chart, in order to realistically perceive the dimensions and details of the renderings. We then define prices and sales forecasts.


Why Nice?

Because our customers have the opportunity to virtually visualize what they will receive, realistically perceiving every detail.

1Wow effect

2Ability to find the right product

3Realistic renderings

4Optimization of time and costs

Other services.

Trend & Material

We regularly create complete reports on the most relevant market trends: we call them Trend Books. We are very good at identifying the novelties that will become the next season’s fashion and anticipating them.

Prototyping & Sampling

In this phase, the first step of the prototype is conceived thanks to our native and cutting-edge technologies.
In Nice Footwear we choose every day to actively involve customers in the manufacturing process. We give them the possibility to see first-hand the result of our creative work using native 3D software that allows us, thanks to the use of augmented reality, to realistically perceive the dimensions and details of the renderings.


After the realization of prototype and once the order has been received, we take care of the placing on the market by our manufacturers, which takes place in a few weeks.
Furthermore, in addition to the production of our models, we often also dedicate ourselves to the realization of collections on behalf of third parties, putting all our know-how and the creativity of our team at the service of international Italian brands.

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