We are Digital.

Because we are innovators.


How we work

After viewing the renderings, we continue autonomously with the creation of shapes and/or bases and, thanks to the speed-moulding technique, we make a totally realistic sole in a very short time. Subsequently the product office examines the prototype and checks that volumes, proportions and other technical specifications are correct, so as to proceed with the production and creation of the mould.

Nice work method.

Digital prototyping.

Nice Footwear makes the prototype


In this phase we check the fitting, identifying any defects to be corrected and/or changes to be made in good time.

The start of production.

After receiving customer approval, the production of the samples begins.

Why Nice?

Because we know how to exceed the expectations.

1Problem solving

2Cost saving

3Attention to customer needs

4Care for details

Other services.

Trend & Material

We regularly create complete reports on the most relevant market trends: we call them Trend Books. We are very good at identifying the novelties that will become the next season’s fashion and anticipating them.


As Shoe Trends Architect we daily consult the Trend Books in search of useful ideas for drafting the styling project that will give shape, colour and a unique personality to your next pair of sneakers. Keywords: study, be inspired, draw, create.


After the realization of prototype and once the order has been received, we take care of the placing on the market by our manufacturers, which takes place in a few weeks.
Furthermore, in addition to the production of our models, we often also dedicate ourselves to the realization of collections on behalf of third parties, putting all our know-how and the creativity of our team at the service of international Italian brands.

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