We have a Nice workflow.
We have a Nice method.

Because we are passionate.
Because we never stop.


The design-to-cost model.

The design-to-cost is a working model that allows us to better design while we cut costs. How? From the analysis of the benchmarks according to the target country/market to the target consume. The first step is a careful analysis of the customer’s brand DNA. After that, we outline its current positioning within the market and, together, we define the goals to achieve.

Nice work method.

Trend research

Whether is offline or on-street, our idea of trend research passes through three fundamental steps: creativity, passion and constant research. Every year the specialized Nice team immerses itself in fabrics, textures, colours and geometries, identifying the novelties that will become the fashion of the following season and anticipating them.

Trend Books

In the next phase, we create full reports called Trend Books. Our designers study and read them in order to be inspired in the creation of unique products capable of responding to the desires of the target, satisfying the needs of the brand.

The product idea.

We share the market position for the footwear category with our customers and, finally, we define the product idea.

Why Nice?

We are a full product incubator.

1 Intuition

2Knowledge of trends


4Desire to experiment

Other services.


As Shoe Trends Architect we daily consult the Trend Books in search of useful ideas for drafting the styling project that will give shape, colour and a unique personality to your next pair of sneakers. Keywords: study, be inspired, draw, create.

Prototyping & Sampling

In this phase, the first step of the prototype is conceived thanks to our native and cutting-edge technologies.
In Nice Footwear we choose every day to actively involve customers in the manufacturing process. We give them the possibility to see first-hand the result of our creative work using native 3D software that allows us, thanks to the use of augmented reality, to realistically perceive the dimensions and details of the renderings.


After the realization of prototype and once the order has been received, we take care of the placing on the market by our manufacturers, which takes place in a few weeks.
Furthermore, in addition to the production of our models, we often also dedicate ourselves to the realization of collections on behalf of third parties, putting all our know-how and the creativity of our team at the service of international Italian brands.

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